A Little Glance at Law School Admissions: What You Need to Know

I felt so inspired going to a law conference today that I decided to write a blog entry on my experience. The conference allowed my intellectual ability flourish in analyzing briefs, knowing how to write well, and what admissions are looking for in a potential law student. I felt enthused to learn about all the opportunities that I can have during my undergrad experience. Working in any type of job whether it is legal or not, it proves beneficial because one learns how to speak with a variety of different people. As a lawyer, speaking and communicating with a spectrum of different people and backgrounds is a criteria that you will need in law school. In attending a university I have been more challenged and open with the many different cultures and beliefs that I have been exposed to. A large part of students think that in order to go to law school you need to major in a specific major or by majoring in the popular major of most law students it proves to be beneficial. That is farther from the truth actually you can major in whatever type of major from biology to psychology, and you can still be able to attend law school.

I would recommend students who are interested in pursuing law to find out what the purpose is for you. Why do you want to pursue the legal field. Most of time students are unclear of why they want to become lawyers which makes it more difficult in the application process. So many think that they are not capable based on financial reasons or intelligence. I want to encourage you that it is possible. You are probably reading this and thinking why should I even listen to an undergrad who isn’t even in law school and still has 2 years left? I want to say this if you know what you want to do YOU and only you will make it happen. People will constantly be negative over issues, but it is really how you present and handle the situation that makes a difference. I’m spreading the knowledge I learned in this conference to all of you so that you can be informed, and ready to take on that net step in pursuing law.

I am quite an ambitious person when it comes to my academics and professional career. I don’t want to take a break after I graduate. I feel that I can tackle law school right when I graduate my university. Yes, it will be challenge, but anything can be a challenge if you really think about it. It is important that you start building a reputation for yourself. People have so many different perspectives on the idea of law school and I encourage you, that instead of listening to others listen to yourself.

Here is a little overview of what you need for your law school application.
What you need for law school applications:

Letters of recommendation: law schools want you to have 2-3. One of the letters should be from a professor who knows you on a personal level. I stress personal level because getting a letter of recommendation from a congress member who doesn’t know you that doesn’t give admissions a very good idea about you. You may also have a supervisor write your letter, but include why they think you are fit to be in law school. This is the portion of the application in where admissions will see who you are. You may want to attach your personal statement and resume to give those who are writing a recommendation a little more information about you.

GPA grades are important in law school. Excelling in classes during your undergrad demonstrates a level of focus that law school admissions want to see. They also want the applicant to challenge themselves by taking challenging classes like mathematics, philosophy, or writing intensive classes.

LSAT- The LSAT stands for the Law School Admission Test. This is a standardized test that students take it doesn’t test you on laws rather it tests on logic, critical reading, and game theory. This is why any major can take the exam because you don’t need to know about government or laws to take the exam. Once you are ready to take the exam you sign up through LSAC, the law school admission council. I took the practice test last semester and it was quite difficult. I had not studied, but I didn’t do as bad as I thought. They stressed the importance of preparing well for the exam by either taking classes or buying prep books to study. They also reemphasized the importance of not taking the test too many times because all the scores will be sent to that law school. So take it once and do the very best you can possibly do. There is a fee I believe $125 don’t count me in that amount. The LSAT score ranges from 100 being the lowest to 180 being the highest.

Personal Statement- the personal statement is one of the most important elements in an application. This is a portion where admissions gets to know you as a student instead of a number. Since most law schools don’t have interviews it’s important that the applicant writes a coherent, descriptive, and well written essay. Again to reiterate this portion is quite important.

Resume- include organizations, jobs, and leadership opportunities that you are involved in.

Transcripts- schools require the applicant to send a transcript to the school they are applying to. Admissions will see the classes you have taken. They mostly focus on sophomore and junior year grades. Even after you have been accepted the school will ask for the final transcripts to be sent.

Addendum- if for any reason you feel that the application doesn’t reflect who you are because of a circumstance you will write it in the addendum. An example of a circumstance may be a poor grade because of a family tragedy, or a committed crime. The addendum should not be longer than your personal statement.

I hope that this information gave you a close and personal idea of how admission for law school functions. For those who are applying soon I wish you luck. For those who have a lot of time ahead of them keep working hard. For those who are just reading this for pure information purpose now you know.

Thank you so much for reading this entry. I hope I helped some who are looking towards the legal field. All the admission information was given at the conference. All the other advice was given by me. I hope you all have a great weekend and good luck in all your future endeavors.

Potential Law Student


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