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A Letter to the College Seniors

Dear Senior,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished your last fall semester of your college career. Never again will you be able to experience Fall 2017 and will only be able to recollect with distant memories and kept photographs. So much happens in a semester, a ticking clock ready to RING or that may be your alarm waking you up for your final. So open your eyes and start your day!

These past 4 years you have gone through breakups, heartaches, many anxiety attacks, accomplishments, had many opportunities, and coped with a loss of friends and years. You have made your university, a home, a place where you can feel safe and be YOU. I hope that you have that and if you don’t, know that the people that you may have interacted with might have given you an impact you might have not even realized it. People know that you are a senior because of the bags under your eyes and your resistance to use the cool people vernacular. You have been coined the term mom of your group, grandfather or grandmother because of your sleeping schedules. All nighters are no longer something that you can sustain and even if you try, you end up passing out by 3 a.m.

You have realized how precious time can be and how lucky you are to be here. You have seen students come and go. Passing by thousands ever to wonder if they are feeling how you are feeling lost, scared, and alone. You wave at the person who you always see, but have never stopped and asked for their name.

With each challenge, you have overcome so much and have become even stronger. You didn’t allow that D on your paper to discourage you or allow¬†people bring you down. You made impactful connections and realized who was a friend and who was an acquaintance. You were your most vulnerable self as a first-year/freshman hoping that a group would notice you and invite you to eat. Instead of going back to your residence hall with your lunch telling yourself “it’s going to be okay.” You called your mom sobbing that you miss your family and you want to go home. Never realizing that this was your home and all you needed was time. Time to figure out who you are. Time to adapt. Time to learn.

You grew as a person. Became the best version you could possibly be. Your confidence grew with every passing semester flabbergasted by the challenges you overcame. You felt proud of what you have accomplished. You realized that dreams could become a reality and created a focus of what you wanted.

Now that your time is up or at least soon to be, look back at the memories you have created. Talk to that person you always see in passing. Print the photos stored in your photo gallery and hang them up. Hang post it notes about wisdom can be quotes from your mom, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and even quotes you have said. If you aren’t a wisdom kind of quote hanging person hang anything that will make you smile and energize you for the day. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Sometimes they need to hear that, especially your parents. Talk to your professors about your aspirations and learn about their history. Trust me, they have gone through similar things maybe even more than us since they have a PhD. Smile and count your blessings because there are some students who didn’t make it for various reasons.

The ALARM has RUNG time to get up tell yourself “I got this!” I wish you all the luck on your finals, projects, and papers.

Remember you got Spring of 2017 to figure things out.

I leave you with this..

Time is free. But it is priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can NEVER get it back.