Office Hours

For those who do not have the slightest idea of what office hours are let me give you a little bit of description.  The professor sets out time to meet with his students in a particular time or day. Most of the time the professor is alone in the office. Students take for granted office hours. I have attended office hours and it is not at all intimidating. Yes, you are having a conversation with a PHD individual, nevertheless it should be an engaging and intellectual conversation. Professors are there to help you; they were students to and understand the pace a college student has to deal with. At least in my university, the professors share offices because of the lack of space. I think its important to attend office hours not just for extra assistance, but also for networking options. If your applying to a graduate school you need recommendations from professors. What better way to get a great recommendation from a professor who doesn’t just know your name, but also knows what your dreams and aspirations are. So I challenge those who are in college to go to office hours it doesn’t even have to be for help just to introduce yourself and you will definitely stand out from the rest of the students.

How do you feel about office hours? Should it be available for students as an option or mandatory? Comment below thank you


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